AAN Swim Programme

At AAN we believe that swimming is a life skill, which everyone should be proficient in.

My name is Alia Atkinson 4x Jamaican Olympian, 2X World Record Holder, 2 X Olympic finalist and 2 x World Champion.

Though I am currently training hard to remain competitive, my extensive international experience and knowledge in the sport makes me a useful teacher for the youths in swimming. I am fully equipped with all the necessary skills and techniques; some of which include swim management, multiple techniques for each stroke (depending on the swimmers strength and weakness), as well as recovery, nutrition and training programs to conduct a very successful swim clinic.

I am not only enthusiastic to share all that I have learnt over the 25years in the sport of swimming, but I am a reliable, organized and hardworking individual. My passion, motivation, great sense of humour and positive nature, enables me to relate to swimmers of all fitness levels and ages and I often prove to be a great role model for swimmers.

My resume, bio and many accomplishments are on my website for your perusal and thank you for considering an AAN Swim Program.

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